So what makes up the Chief Innovation Officers Agenda?

The setting of the principal innovation officer’s agenda is critical. This check list provides the platform to build from. Interested to hear our views more on this?

I believe we have the 'content' that fills this out from an agenda into a activity and action orientated building process.

We conduct this in a mentoring, advising stance so it is paced to the person and the unique challenges they face

Within the CIO's role are structuring the activity around:

Organizational capabilities: evaluate and access the company’s innovation capabilities, working through the culture needed for innovation; removing the barriers to innovation

Competencies: make everybody’s job to grow the organization for innovation and renewal

Breakthrough strategies: develop insights and fresh thinking, tools and techniques that enable the creation of strategic innovation

Business models: explore business model design; build the business case to accelerate, change and (radically) alter the existing state

Opportunities for growth: create new value, disruptive and radical innovation; identify new markets and products; hone incremental value; build bigger and better ideas that solve customer need

Catalytic thinking: Innovation can be the catalyst to a set of strategic questions, providing new perspectives; making different connections that lead to growth opportunities

Best practices: have the latest insights on trends and approaches that can alter existing thinking

Lifecycle management: organize around different platforms, portfolio’s and approaches to enhance the value of the investments made. Pinpoint, verify and improve the impact that innovation can bring to the different stages of development

Accelerate change: critically explore speed-to-market,   execution, alignment, stretching and scaling; create more fluid structures, asset utilization to enable innovation

Enhance intellectual thinking: leverage the intellectual assets and the intangibles by enhancing knowledge sharing and conversion strategies for improved deliverables and worth

Strengthen collaboration: enable new forms of networking, collaboration and relationship management techniques that can broaden possibilities, reduce tensions and accelerate agreement on projects

Lead clearly: develop insights into the role of top management and how innovation processes can be developed and embedded through coaching, championing and facilitating; turn aspiration into reality

Source: Paul Hobcraft, Agility Innovation