The approach we take to embedding innovation in all its forms is a unique one that we have called the Innovation Pathway Curve:

We take you through FIVE of these curves in learning and exploring:

  • Overcoming the different stages within the obstacle curves
  • Building the necessary capability and capacity curves
  • Developing the growth building steps within the curves
  • Exploring the organizational impact understanding
  • Delivering the discovery & transformation needed.

Our methodology takes you through a structured approach, a way of climbing up this innovation understanding curve so the different needs you are trying to achieve (incremental, distinctive, radical, & disruptive)  can be managed in a clear ways, to support any initiative.

Innovation needs to be worked at, so as to continue to grow a deeper understanding of its ‘make-up’ over time. You gain from this pathway approach a deeper understanding of all the aspects of innovation needed as well as our approach supports experimenting in controlled environments to take these fully on board, embedded and practised as part of the curve methodology.

At Agility we can help you to understand and be effective on your own innovation curve understanding in the ‘fits’ needed and why the different components do need to come together to deliver the value required from innovation today.

To find out more please contact us directly to discuss how this can be effectively put to use in your organization to grow your innovation curve understanding dramatically