As you work through new business models, mergers and acquisitions you arrive at the question of how close to our existing core is this?

Moving from core needs some considerable thinking through on its potential impact within the organization

How far away and how important does any move become as you then enter the transformational space? Potentially you are committing yourself to considerable change, both in internal and external learning and resource commitments.

Equally 'how far' are you prepared to go in future designs of new product and services away from your core? Is the organisation equipped to make such a move? Knowing the pitfalls and dangers of moving too far is important to understand; often there is increased value in asking an external party who has no 'vested' interest to make their assessments.

Moving from your core in innovation and what it truly means is vital to think through before you embark on the journey.

Perhaps we can contribute to this thinking through assessment?