The Three Horizons can structure the mission and intent, it can frame the options, determine the resources and 'paint' the viewpoint of how to manage innovation across multiple horizons

The workshop is introducing the multiple values and benefits this powerful methodology can offer for framing innovation.

Why is it necessary?

We so often struggle to articulate our innovation activity and then can’t seemingly project our plans into the future in consistent and coherent ways.

We often lack the framing necessary. If this rings true of the innovation activity in your organization, then it is in danger of being seen as isolated, one-off events, that fail to link to your organizational strategy. Furthermore you’ll be missing out, or not capitalizing on emerging trends and insights where fresh growth opportunities reside.

I so often come back to the messages we need to learn, which centers around the three horizon methodology.

This methodology lends itself well for mapping out the different horizons for innovation to begin to position capabilities, capacities and fill-in those needed competencies, to manage across different opportunities that emerge.

It also requires a certain amount of ‘letting go’ as well as ‘embracing’ a future that still may have many uncertainties that can really challenge our established mindsets.

Its value – if well-managed – can offer a helpful way for a significant series of dialogues and tensions to surface, but through this engagement and respect for different positions you can find mutual ways of connecting your innovation activities over different horizons, and managing uncertainty in better ways as a team or organization.


 The Three Horizon framework is about having strategic conversations about the future and feeds the conversation about your innovation direction and longer-term portfolio and capability understandings.

The workshop is broken down into nine parts of exchange by all the participants within the workshop

* How do we visualize and talk innovation options

* Recognizing that different opinions and discussions are always needed

* Allow the Evolutionary Perspective to progress across multiple horizons

* How to look across the Multiple horizons so you improve, extend and change

* So framing the "Burning Needs"- where does the growth come from?

* Our search for emerging winners- discovering and managing the Winning Needs

* Recognizing the Mindset traps- fixations, time constraints, intractable positions

* Avoiding the "typical" dangers, spotting and amplifying the weak signals, avioding the creeping "uncertainty"

* Constructing the three horizons through different lenses and tools.


The key takeaways from this workshop:

- You will recognize and really make it a "must go to" it within your innovation thinking and toolbox.

- It frames much within the innovation activity to manage and structure this.

- It ‘aids’ the framing of your present to future needs and gives ‘voice’ to all the different thinking and opinions on building the innovation pipeline and dialogues surrounding the innovation activity.

- It strives to actively balance the portfolio and different, often conflicting voices within the room, by helping to identify all the gaps and opportunities that need resolution.

- It brings a greater dynamics into your innovation thinking.