Today we are still stuck with the traditional strategic models

We still rely on the analysis of the business on increasingly 'dated' tools and methods for today’s business purpose and climate.

We are still far too comfortable and reliant on using models that were built for a different era, most still from the last century.

Many of these older tools tend to lead us down the route of competitive imitation, not a healthy place to go in today’s world.

Tools are needed increasingly to be more outward looking to see change, more clearly focused upon open innovation opportunity, outward focused not inward thinking.

We at Agility Innovation Specialists are building "Innovation Tool Time"- a toolbox to delve into and find the appropriate tool to meet the circumstances. We will be happy to explain our approaches to this Innovation Tool time with you.

A Unique collection of over 200 tools and methodologies that deal exclusively with the processes associated with innovation. This growing compendium offers an innovation tool box to support and deliver better solutions to our clients