Intrepreneurship or Entrepreneurship is all about getting the right environment to prosper and grow, to experiement and learn, to pivot and advance.

The internal agent of change within an organization needs to be more an entrepreneur, ready and willing to champion and push for innovation so the organization succeeds.

The difficulty for this to happen is often bound up in different organizational aspects that all need addressing including the culture, environment, the appetite for risk and reward.

How can you cut through these multiple inhibitors and encourage this greater spirit of risk taking needed to push innovation through to a commercial success?

So what is the approach we take?

·         Knowing the many multiple factors of entrepreneurial energy within larger organizations needs a roadmap to follow, it needs structuring and supporting. This framework looks to provide this so this culture is seen and built into the very essence of innovation capability needed to succeed.

The elements include:

·         Transmission of vision and strategic intent in clear ways to form the mandate

·         Building the supporting mechanisms that give momentum to the entrepreneurial spirit

·         Knowing the boundaries for tolerance for risk, mistakes and dealing with failure and being comfortable with these

·         Setting the ‘working’ conditions for this spirit to thrive across perceptions, boundaries and norms

·         Healthy questioning of the factors that inhibit and promote entrepreneurial spirit and then addressing these systematically to actively reduce down or build up

·         Knowing what the limits and possibilities of innovation are (cultural, resources, history, market place etc.)

Building the Environment for Entrepreneurship to Grow

This is one of the main challenges in larger organizations, to avoid the premature stifling of ideas, to break down the barriers and resistance to change. The adding into the mix the entrepreneurial energy you promote an intensity of purpose, By actively promoting the values and knowing the underlying needs to allow entrepreneurial activity to thrive, needs a sound investigation and framework that builds into a set of conditions that promotes identification, encourages involvement and gains individual desire to be part of something fresh and exciting.

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