Are you looking for a structured approach to renewal and then being able to sustain it through innovation?

How receptive are you to making the necessary changes demanded by difficult times and can you really change?

Taking a systematic and structured approach can re-equip you for a more innovative future by working through a step-by-step approach enables clarity and understanding so everyone involved can see the problems, the challenges and emerging solutions. This certainly calls for a very structured, comprehensive approach that we offer:

Taking 12 critical steps
equips you to know where the future lies through this diagnostic structure. These are:

1.       Assessment of your present position through a range of evaluation tools.

2.       Benchmark quickly your competitors to begin to build the momentum for change.

3.       Seek out pockets of resistance that are constantly just below the surface or deep seated through a variety of methods and techniques with a real sense of urgency.

4.       Making a battery of tests to assess the readiness for change, necessary to structure a new momentum.

5.       Approach solutions with a greater understanding of different style options, adopting different techniques and respecting diversity across the organization.

6.       Learning the techniques of facilitation to mobilize latent energy, provide encouragement, revitalize and respond to the multiple layers within your organization

7.       Focus upon the critical aspects of the business that assesses, realigns, restructures and redeploys around the three critical aspects of knowing and leveraging your core business required to meet the new market needs.

8.       Managing change needs a clear, dedicated focus in clarifying plans, thinking through the building blocks of commitment and shared identification.

9.       Knowing where the levers are to revitalize requires a range of techniques and dedicated change champions to clarify objectives, giving a sense of renewal urgency.

10.   Regeneration needs setting new visions, directions and building the communication plans to cascade these throughout the organization.

11.   Provide clear solutions that define the goals, structure, systems and processes and invest in the design considerations and cultural shifts that identify and promote  emerging opportunities.

12.   Place innovation at the heart of generating new growth with a structured process and corporate sense of engagement.


In taking this structured approach it takes that ‘sense of renewal’ commitment deep inside the organization. We need to recognize the future is not waiting for us and simply ‘seizing the initiative’ and knowing destiny is in our hands and on our terms we can be better equipped to move back ahead.

A structured approach to renewal is not an easy journey; it takes dedicated time and incredible strength of determination. The rewards come through an organization that emerges from today’s ‘recession’ in a stronger form to sustain and grow its-self to travel down a more innovative path, equipped to be more resistant and flexible, to seize emerging opportunities quicker, at innovation speed and with a clarity of thought and real sense of purpose .  Positioning for any upturn in fortunes does not come just by luck or chance; we have to create the right environment to enable it to happen.

We at Agility Innovation Specialists see renewal as essential in so many cases. This methodology helps you work through clear structure towards solutions.