A priority shift is required for innovation- in leadership, responsibility, accountability, overcoming the reluctance to innovate.

“Even though it is important and we want to do innovation, we believe that there are many more important things in an organization to be done........"

As a result we do these more important things and by the time we come to the just important ones we have run out of time and we never do it.”

“Unfortunately, innovation is important but not urgent. And as a result, it stays in the middle of the bottom of the list and we never find time to do it.

 In my experience, for an organization to encourage the honest questioning to take place, it has to create a positive crisis.

"We have to create some kind of a shock."

a quote made by Professor. Costas Markides of the London Business School

This statement about turning the intent to innovate into actually want to innovate, we believe does apply to many organizations in our opinion- they fail to convert their words into actions and deeds.

We believe innovation should be a far more critical business priority for growth, prosperity and sustaining our institutions, communities and nations well-being.