For me, innovation needs to enter the DNA of our organizations as well as our own individual make-up. It needs to flow through our veins, to give us the energy source to convert the innovation oxygen that we all need in today's world to make our contribution.

In my writing, I try to offer a range of leading thinking on different aspects of innovation to help each of us to understand this subject better.

My writing about innovation can be found on

as well as other more specialized and dedicated websites for exploring innovation capital


What I do is to deliberately set out to help grow and extend the body of  knowledge on innovation.

Having this 100% focus I do believe does provide the necessary additional intensity of focus needed for innovation success that someone who specialises in it can only provide.


I started seriously blogging in August 2010 on my own dedicated site

Some posts have worked well, others less so, yet they are all part of my own journey of discovery


Voted into the top  ten innovation bloggers consistently since 2011 until today on one of the leading Global Innovation Community sites of Innovation Excellence (IX)


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