Agility’s focus of innovation work

  • We look to provide leading-edge advice on building innovation capabilities .
  • The focus is all about bringing new forms of innovation competency into the world of everyday thinking
  • We look to deliver clear impact and returns on the investments made.
  • We deliver a broad, more holistic understanding of what is required in innovation, unique to each client.

Client work, industry area and geographical focus

Sector consulting experience has included advising into:

Electronic Contract Manufacturers, Telecommunications, Utility providers, E-business ventures, Restaurants & Food Service, Retailers, SME service advisors, Executive Recruitment firms, Government Statutory Boards, Publishing, Consumer Products, Alternative Energy providers, Not-for-Profit Institutions, Integrated Facility Management and Logistic & Supply Chain integrators.

Part of the practice has been a subcontractor of choice or consulting associate to other solution providers often in back office roles providing the specialised inputs critical parts on innovation, resource development and change management.

Geographic focus:

This has been mostly in Asia and Europe. Paul Hobcraft has lived and worked for 15 years in Asia and initially consulted and advised under the associate practice of

HOCA focuses upon offering insights and solutions to the new Work-to-be-done in organizations.

Today Paul is based in Ticino, Switzerland and continues to work where the client requires their solutions globally to be designed and executed.


Paul Hobcraft can be contacted on +41 91 751 4350 or by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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