There is a fairly detailed journey needed to be undertaken for mapping out your future direction of innovation

Firstly you have to work through the Strategic Needs- this needs to cover the type of approaches, the scope and intent, the assessments of the required impact for the end customer and organizational value, the understanding and outlines of this becoming organizational-wide in its integrated needs. This approach does need a systematic approach, continuous up-dated toolboxes and visible metrics and tracking. Lastly to build in the ability to quickly test, adopt and scale as knowledge and understanding are gained.

Then there is the need to build reference points for future innovation activities so duplication and learning from these can be built into the understanding, the continued importance of high-level participation, where we recommend the Leadership Alignment work Mat approach, we need to ensure there is always a transparency for all stakeholders, the design evolves into a highly usable and integrated set of modular interlocking designs that allows for learning and flexibility to adapt to different conditions of needs, budget and resource considerations.

Then we go into the process design stage shown here

The final stage is the implementation and momentum building stage. This includes a dedicated programme management need, approaching any roll-out through initiative testing, piloting and exploring steps to move towards the organizational design options that work from this validation. A growing need is to build supporting technology and structure requirements, provide a consistent internal communication of progress and applying the associated screening and approval.

Ending in a 'living and dynamic' innovation touch and value map that evolves in time

Finally throughout this journey a consistent focus on building the appropriate capabilities and competencies. Over time and experiences you clarify and deepen your innovation proactive principles and make this a constant "living and dynamic" touch and value map.

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