Where do you begin in setting about designing an innovation agenda?

It involves many aspects and considerations. Within this section are many aspects to consider. It is certainly not intended to be an exhaustive list but you need to have available the tools and enablers to set about the design.

These include thinking-through and investigating:

  • What does designing an innovation agenda really mean?
  • What would be the key elements of any programme?
  • Items need to be placed in order, time frames outlined and deliverables set
  • Clarify the realistic milestones and measurable parts.
  • Outline in some opening detail the process of shaping and informing
  • Thinking about the existing gaps and the capabilities and capacities that need designing in
  • The final designing of the Agenda- the agreed approach.

Take a look through the following parts offered in this menu section offered to prompt and clarify the different parts of any innovation agenda just a little more, then give us a call, we will be pleased to help and assist you

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